Fireplace Design Services

Total Quality Express has been offering fireplace design services since 2014 in Renton and Greater Seattle. We specialize in creating custom gas, wood-burning, and electric fireplaces using high-quality materials. As an affordable fireplace contractor, we provide excellent value without compromising on quality

Total Quality Express we offer a wide range of customization options for your custom fireplace to ensure that it perfectly matches your style preferences, functionality needs, and budget. From choosing the type of fireplace to the materials used for the mantel and hearth, we work closely with you to create a truly unique and personalized fireplace that meets your needs.

Types of Fireplaces we offer three different types of fireplaces – gas, wood-burning, and electric – each with its own unique features and benefits. Gas fireplaces offer convenience and ease of use, while wood-burning fireplaces provide a classic and traditional look and feel. Electric fireplaces are ideal for those who want a hassle-free option with customizable flame options.

Our Services

At Total Quality Express, we pride ourselves on offering the best fireplace design services in Renton and Greater Seattle. Our team of professional fireplace contractors is dedicated to providing top-notch custom design, installation, and maintenance. Trust us to deliver the perfect fireplace solution for your home, whether you prefer a modern, traditional, or unique design.

Custom Fireplace Design Consultation

Total Quality Express offers custom fireplace design consultation to help you build the perfect fireplace for your home in Renton and Greater Seattle. Our experts work with you to design a fireplace that matches your style and needs. We’ll guide you through every step, from initial ideas to final plans. Get in touch with us to start your custom fireplace design today.

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Gas Fireplace

At Total Quality Express, we specialize in gas fireplace installation. Gas fireplaces offer a convenient and efficient way to heat your home while providing a welcoming atmosphere. Our professional team will help you select and install the perfect gas fireplace to match your style and needs. Enjoy the warmth and ambiance of a gas fireplace installed by the best fireplace contractors in Renton.


Wood Fireplace

Discover a wood-burning fireplace design with our professional fireplace design team. Our wood fireplaces are made to give your home a traditional and lasting feel. We use high-quality materials to create a durable and beautiful fireplace that will be the centerpiece of your living space. Trust our experts for professional wood fireplace installation and enjoy the beauty of a wood-burning fire

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Electric Fireplace

Choose an electric fireplace design from Total Quality Express for a modern and easy-to-maintain option. Electric fireplaces are perfect for those who want the look and feel of a fireplace without the hassle of wood or gas. Our team will help you design and install an electric fireplace that fits seamlessly into your home. Contact us to learn more about our electric fireplace installation services.

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Custom Cabinetry and Shelving Options

Enhance your fireplace with custom cabinetry and shelving options. Our professional design team designs and builds custom storage solutions that complement your fireplace and add functionality to your space in Renton and Greater Seattle. We work with you to create designs that meet your needs and style preferences.

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Design Features

Add unique design features to your fireplace, such as decorative lighting and art pieces. These elements can make your fireplace a true centerpiece in your home. Total Quality Express offers a variety of remodeling options to personalize your fireplace. Let us help you create it with special features that reflect your taste.

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Professional Installation of Your Custom Fireplace

Our professional installation team in Renton and Greater Seattle ensures your outdoor and indoor fireplaces are installed safely and correctly. We handle everything from start to finish, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Reach out to schedule your professional installation.

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Maintenance and Repair Services

Keep your fireplace in top condition with our maintenance and repair services in Renton and Greater Seattle. We offer regular check-ups and repairs to ensure your fireplace works perfectly. If you ever have a problem, our team at Total Quality Express is here to help. Contact us for reliable maintenance and repair services.

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Why Choose Us

Choosing the right company for your fireplace needs is crucial for achieving the perfect balance of design, functionality, and quality. At Total Quality Express, we offer exceptional service and expertise to bring your fireplace vision to life. Here’s why you should choose us for your next project.

Expert Fireplace Designers:

At Total Quality Express in Renton and Greater Seattle, our expert fireplace designers are dedicated to creating the perfect fireplace for your home. With years of experience and a keen eye for detail, we ensure that every fireplace we design meets your needs and enhances your living space.

High-Quality Materials:

We use only the highest quality materials like stone, brick, tile, metal, and glass to build our fireplaces. Our commitment to using the best materials ensures that your fireplace not only looks stunning but also lasts for years to come.

Customized Design Options:

Choose from a wide range of customized design options in Renton and Greater Seattle. Whether you prefer a modern, traditional, or unique fireplace design, we tailor our designs to fit your style and preferences perfectly.

Professional Installation:

Our professional installation team at Total Quality Express ensures that your fireplace is installed safely and efficiently. We handle every aspect of the installation process with care, ensuring that your fireplace functions flawlessly from day one.

Comprehensive Maintenance:

Keep your fireplace in top condition with our comprehensive maintenance services. From regular check-ups to repairs, our team ensures that your fireplace continues to perform at its best year-round.

Dedicated Customer Service:

We pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service in Renton and Greater Seattle. Our dedicated team is always ready to assist you, from the initial consultation to post-installation support, ensuring a smooth and satisfying experience.

Trusted Local Contractor:

As a trusted fireplace contractor in Renton and Greater Seattle, Total Quality Express has built a reputation for reliability and quality craftsmanship. You can trust us to deliver on our promises and exceed your expectations.

Satisfaction Guaranteed:

Your satisfaction is our priority. We stand behind our work and strive to ensure that every customer is delighted with their fireplace design and installation experience.

Cost Factors

Planning a fireplace for your home involves many decisions, especially when working with professional fireplace contractors. The average cost to design and install a fireplace in Renton, WA, and the greater Seattle area is around $400. Factors like type, design complexity, materials, and additional features all impact costs. Discussing these with your contractor ensures your project meets your vision and budget.

Fireplace Type:

The type of fireplace—whether it’s gas, wood-burning, or electric—significantly impacts cost. Gas fireplaces may require gas lines and ventilation, while wood-burning ones need chimney installations, affecting both initial costs and long-term maintenance.

Design Complexity:

The complexity of your fireplace design, such as intricate architectural details or custom sizes, influences costs. More complex designs often require additional labor and specialized materials, contributing to overall expenses.

Material Choice:

Your choice of materials, including stone, brick, tile, and others, affects cost due to varying material prices and installation requirements. High-quality materials may increase initial expenses but often offer durability and aesthetic benefits.

Additional Features:

Features like decorative lighting, mantels, or built-in shelving add to the total cost. These enhancements personalize your fireplace but consider their impact on budget and installation complexity.

Installation Complexity:

The complexity of installing your fireplace, influenced by site conditions and access, can impact costs. Factors such as structural modifications or difficult installations may require more labor and affect project timelines.

Customization Options:

Choosing custom designs or unique finishes can increase costs. Tailoring the fireplace to fit specific architectural styles or personal preferences often involves additional design and production expenses.

Maintenance Needs:

Consider the maintenance requirements of different fireplace types and materials. Some options may require more frequent cleaning or professional servicing, affecting long-term ownership costs

Geographic Location:

Your location can influence costs due to local building codes, labor rates, and material availability. Urban areas may have higher labor costs and stricter regulations compared to rural locations, impacting overall project expenses.


What fireplace design services do you offer?

Total Quality Express offers custom fireplace design consultation, including gas, wood-burning, and electric fireplaces. We also provide installation, maintenance, and repair services.

We use high-quality materials such as stone, brick, tile, metal, and glass to create durable and attractive fireplaces.

The duration of the installation process varies based on the complexity of the design and type of fireplace but typically ranges from a few days to a week.

Yes, we offer comprehensive maintenance and repair services to ensure your fireplace remains in excellent condition.

Yes, we design and install outdoor fireplaces that enhance your outdoor living spaces, providing warmth and ambiance.

The cost depends on various factors, including the type of fireplace, materials used, design complexity, and installation requirements. We provide detailed quotes based on your specific needs. The average cost to design and install a fireplace is around $400.

Yes, our gas and electric fireplaces are designed to be energy-efficient, providing optimal heat output with minimal energy consumption.

Yes, Total Quality Express manages all necessary permits and inspections to ensure your fireplace installation complies with local building codes and safety standards.

Custom Fireplace

Our fireplace remodeling

design services include

Materials for the Mantel and Hearth

We use only the highest quality materials for your custom fireplace, including stone, brick, tile, metal, and glass. Stone fireplaces offer a classic and timeless look, while brick fireplaces provide a rustic and cozy feel. Tile and glass fireplaces are modern and sleek, and metal fireplaces offer an industrial and contemporary vibe. Our team will work with you to select the perfect materials to match your style and preferences.

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Custom cabinetry and shelving options

We can incorporate custom cabinetry and shelving options into your custom fireplace design to provide additional storage and display space. From built-in bookshelves to hidden storage compartments, we can create a personalized fireplace that perfectly suits your needs.
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Cynthia TruongCynthia Truong
22:16 01 Apr 24
This is our second time working with Radu and team and we are very happy with the result! We wanted to open up our little jack and Jill bathroom to let in the natural light and make our shower bigger. They closed off the second door and opened up the space. Communication was pretty great and they were accommodating with our delay in getting some of the material. Most specifically the shower door (that Home Depot’s shipping company lost).It’s been a few months, and our bathroom is looking and working great! Definitely recommend them!
Sunday LaneSunday Lane
12:48 31 Mar 24
Great job sealing tile.
Nichole C.Nichole C.
00:29 31 Mar 24
Radu and his team did an excellent job on our backsplash. The installation and grouting is excellent.
Tudor CodreanuTudor Codreanu
17:26 09 Feb 24
Best general contractor in the area! Fair prices, project done on time and most important to me , Quality, they stand for it! Highly recommend!
Marie Van GerpenMarie Van Gerpen
16:08 28 Nov 23
Our slab floor had dropped in one corner. Radul and his crew came in after slabjackers did the floor lift. Total Quality Express finished leveling the slab and installed the floors. The floors turned out fantastic. In particular, they did a very nice job where the floor meets the sliding door. It was a more complicated fix due to the floor drop. Radu is very responsive and easy to work with and reliable. Will definitely work with him again.
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08:53 28 Nov 23
Radu and Octavian have been great! This is the second project I did with them and they never fail to impress me with their work ethics and quality of work. I like how they are very attentive to details and don’t rush on their work. They will give you an honest opinion for materials I wasn’t sure to choose. They double check with you and clarify your instructions. They are very patient and would execute your ideas about designs. This will not be the last time I’ll call them for any home renovation projects.
Maimai MaturanMaimai Maturan
09:05 20 Nov 23
They will listen and give what you want in mind for design ideas. Very professional and nice. This is my sanctuary every time I come home from work. They pay attention to details and they don’t rush their work. You can really tell that they’re good at what they do. No regrets at all!
Carlo SmithCarlo Smith
17:02 10 Nov 23
I can’t say enough positive things about the work done by Radu and Octavian. They tiled to entryways, a bathroom and fireplace. Octavian is patient and precise in his work. We had a special issue to deal with a cleanout access and the solution was perfectly executed.
Angie HowellsAngie Howells
20:52 02 Nov 23
Very amazing work awesome Tile work, very quick turnaround, would give 100% Recommendation
Mariah WakelingMariah Wakeling
21:30 27 Sep 23
Radu and the team were a pleasure to work with. They were great with up-front communication regarding the scope of the project, answering all of our questions, and asking us the right questions to get the job done in a way that met our particular needs. The quote process was easy and clear, the work was done well and quickly, and we look forward to working with them again on future projects.
05:00 24 Sep 23
Radu and his team are very professional and always listen to your needs. They did a fantastic job on our laundry room remodeling project. Our dog loves his new shower station so much!
Delyn KosbabDelyn Kosbab
02:27 29 Jun 23
Highly recommended. They replaced my kitchen tiles which originally was an improper installation and had many hairline cracks. Beautiful job, great results, a pleasure to work with.
A. W.A. W.
20:35 24 Jan 23
We hired them to install all tile works and wood floors for a whole house remodeling project. The fireplace tile wall turns out great! Master bath walk-in shower does drain well as promised. I even had comments from another contractor once: “Who did your tiles? They did good job!”. The team was polite and punctual. Easy to communicate with as well. I would recommend this company.