Top Five Bathroom Countertop Options in 2024


Finding the ideal bathroom countertop can add the final touches to your bath space, so we at Total Quality Express have narrowed down a list of five types to help make the decision process simpler for you. Each has their own set of advantages and drawbacks – we’re here to assist in choosing one that matches up perfectly with your style, needs, and budget!

Each has their own set of advantages and drawbacks – we’re here to assist in choosing one that matches up perfectly with your style, needs, and budget!

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Quartz Countertops

Our favorite countertop choice is quartz, thanks to its resistance against heat and scratches as well as being low maintenance – with no stains to clean with soap and water, plus no need for sealing or waxing it either!

Quartz resembles natural stone without its inherent downsides such as being porous – perfect for creating sleek appearances with easy repairs! Unfortunately it does cost similar to granite.


Quartzite stands out with its striking veining and vivid hues, and offers superior scratch resistance compared to granite while handling heat well. However, regular maintenance needs must be conducted.

Laminate Countertops

On a budget? Laminate countertops may be your savior – an affordable and straightforward material with many designs to choose from that’s easy to keep looking new for less money than alternatives such as wood.

While not as heat resistant, laminate has improved with time. While its lifespan may not match other materials’, repairs or replacement costs make laminate an economical solution when remodeling on a tight timeline.

Granite Countertops

People often associate granite with luxury. It offers that luxurious feel in multiple styles while its durability has made it popular with hair products and styling tools alike. Granite stands up well against heat, stains, and scratches and has the strength of withstanding heat from hair products as well as handling hair products with hair products and styling tools without damage

Perfect for handling styling tools! Unfortunately it does absorb liquids over time which could potentially lead to bacteria growth leading to mildew growth or bacteria spreading if cared for improperly; special cleaners must be purchased to properly care for this material and regular sealing must take place if it wants to retain its beautiful appearance and keep looking brand new appearance!


If elegance is what you seek, marble makes an elegant choice. Each slab boasts its own individual beauty while remaining durable enough for use indoors or out. However, regular sealing may be required in order to protect it against staining – more porous and costlier than granite but sure to impress visitors nonetheless!

Natural Stone Countertops

Quartzite or marble are excellent choices for bathroom counters; however, their price tends to make them an expensive addition.

How To Select the Appropriate Countertop

Finding your ideal countertop depends on what matters to you!

aesthetics, durability or cost considerations

If style is top priority for you, granite or quartzite could be excellent choices; otherwise quartz may offer greater longevity or laminate could save on cost

make sure that each material provides ample options based on what matters to you so you find something that meets most of the criteria in terms of both looks and affordability – whether granite, quartzite or laminate – before making your selection!

With any material choice comes its own advantages and disadvantages so whatever material chosen will end up creating something special that suits what suits YOU best in terms of both style AND affordability when selecting countertops! Whatever material suits YOU best, regardless of which material it will yield beautiful countertops!

Quartz Countertops, Granite Countertops, Laminate Countertops

Are You Looking to Upgrade Your Bathroom Countertop?

Beginning a bathroom remodel can seem intimidating, but we’re here to make your experience enjoyable and stress-free! Have questions or need samples? Come see us at Total Quality Express; together let’s make your bathroom amazing!

Quartz Countertops, Granite Countertops, Laminate Countertops

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Cynthia TruongCynthia Truong
22:16 01 Apr 24
This is our second time working with Radu and team and we are very happy with the result! We wanted to open up our little jack and Jill bathroom to let in the natural light and make our shower bigger. They closed off the second door and opened up the space. Communication was pretty great and they were accommodating with our delay in getting some of the material. Most specifically the shower door (that Home Depot’s shipping company lost).It’s been a few months, and our bathroom is looking and working great! Definitely recommend them!
Sunday LaneSunday Lane
12:48 31 Mar 24
Great job sealing tile.
Nichole C.Nichole C.
00:29 31 Mar 24
Radu and his team did an excellent job on our backsplash. The installation and grouting is excellent.
Tudor CodreanuTudor Codreanu
17:26 09 Feb 24
Best general contractor in the area! Fair prices, project done on time and most important to me , Quality, they stand for it! Highly recommend!
Marie Van GerpenMarie Van Gerpen
16:08 28 Nov 23
Our slab floor had dropped in one corner. Radul and his crew came in after slabjackers did the floor lift. Total Quality Express finished leveling the slab and installed the floors. The floors turned out fantastic. In particular, they did a very nice job where the floor meets the sliding door. It was a more complicated fix due to the floor drop. Radu is very responsive and easy to work with and reliable. Will definitely work with him again.
Fei GaoFei Gao
08:53 28 Nov 23
Radu and Octavian have been great! This is the second project I did with them and they never fail to impress me with their work ethics and quality of work. I like how they are very attentive to details and don’t rush on their work. They will give you an honest opinion for materials I wasn’t sure to choose. They double check with you and clarify your instructions. They are very patient and would execute your ideas about designs. This will not be the last time I’ll call them for any home renovation projects.
Maimai MaturanMaimai Maturan
09:05 20 Nov 23
They will listen and give what you want in mind for design ideas. Very professional and nice. This is my sanctuary every time I come home from work. They pay attention to details and they don’t rush their work. You can really tell that they’re good at what they do. No regrets at all!
Carlo SmithCarlo Smith
17:02 10 Nov 23
I can’t say enough positive things about the work done by Radu and Octavian. They tiled to entryways, a bathroom and fireplace. Octavian is patient and precise in his work. We had a special issue to deal with a cleanout access and the solution was perfectly executed.
Angie HowellsAngie Howells
20:52 02 Nov 23
Very amazing work awesome Tile work, very quick turnaround, would give 100% Recommendation
Mariah WakelingMariah Wakeling
21:30 27 Sep 23
Radu and the team were a pleasure to work with. They were great with up-front communication regarding the scope of the project, answering all of our questions, and asking us the right questions to get the job done in a way that met our particular needs. The quote process was easy and clear, the work was done well and quickly, and we look forward to working with them again on future projects.
05:00 24 Sep 23
Radu and his team are very professional and always listen to your needs. They did a fantastic job on our laundry room remodeling project. Our dog loves his new shower station so much!
Delyn KosbabDelyn Kosbab
02:27 29 Jun 23
Highly recommended. They replaced my kitchen tiles which originally was an improper installation and had many hairline cracks. Beautiful job, great results, a pleasure to work with.
A. W.A. W.
20:35 24 Jan 23
We hired them to install all tile works and wood floors for a whole house remodeling project. The fireplace tile wall turns out great! Master bath walk-in shower does drain well as promised. I even had comments from another contractor once: “Who did your tiles? They did good job!”. The team was polite and punctual. Easy to communicate with as well. I would recommend this company.